Will my guests have to pay to use the booth?

No, not at all, included in your rental is unlimited use. Unlimited photos and an unlimited time they can use it, they can keep coming and coming for more pictures!​


Are photos printed out on the spot?

Yes, pictures are printed out within  30 seconds after the last pose is taken and dry immediately. They are also waterproof!


How many photos can guest take during an event?

Unlimited amount of photos can be take for the duration of the event!


Are the photos good quality?

Our photo booth takes studio quality photos and are printed with a dye sublimation printer making them long lasting, instant drying, chemically free and also the best part waterproof ( if you drop them in a puddle they won't be affected.





Is an assistant on site during an event?

Besides dropping off and collecting the photo booth for the event, we will provide a an on-site photo booth specialist who will provide assistance as required to ensure smooth operation. Each specialist prompts guests, help with prop changes, we constantly tidy the area, give guests there pictures and if they forgot them we ensure that they recieve them.