We do our best to make planning 

your Photobooth as easy as possible.

Before Your Event


You will first contact us to check if we’re available in your city on the date you need us. From there we will work with you to figure out the look of your Photobooth, your budget and the logistics to bring it all together.

We understand that every event is different so we give our best.

From the hundreds of events we have already done, we know what kind of information we will need from you and get can everything we need settled as quickly as possible.


During Your Event


After some fun and easy planning we will design your custom layout. Then we arrive at your event with everything that we need to run the show.

We use graphic design and photo processing technologies to create powerful images that your guests will never forget… all while saving you a lot of money.


After Your Event

Using a background you've selected and fantastic beauty enhancing lighting, we begin to take LITERALLY  hundreds of photos of your guests.

Our setup allows for an extremely large volume of photos to be taken, processed and printed within a few seconds.

Average time from when you enter the booth to gettign your prints from start to finish:   35 seconds.


Quick Note: We are not a traditional Photobooth where we show up with a box that your guests can sit in and get their photo taken. We’re an open air system that allows for higher quality photographs, higher capacity and faster guest turnaround. Just so you understand!


Undecided? We’re a great idea because…


We help you make Events More Interactive & Entertanining

We work hard to make sure the photos that we take at your event look so awesome that your guests will want to show them to all their friends.

We make the photos available to download for free within hours after your event by having your guests access a customized URL that is given to them after they take their photos


Incredibly Customizable


We understand that every single event is different. We give our best to custom create a Photobooth environment that suits your needs. From the incredibly simple to the fanciest of the fancy, unique backdrops, props, attire whatever your demands, our goal is make your Photobooth absolutely stunning all while keeping you under budget.







Wildly Interactive & Entertaining


We do more than simply take photos at your wedding reception. We create an interactive environment where your guests can have an extraordinary time in addition to creating tangible memories that will last you a lifetime.

We make sure everyone gets int he picture, we literally walk around the room and ask if they've been in the photo booth!


Our Photobooths are Highly Customizable


We get that you want your wedding to be unique, and we strive to make every Photobooth that we do a little bit different. Ultimately, you have full control over how these photos will look. If wedding has a classic modern theme, we can work with that. If you’re wedding has a western theme, we can totally work with that, outer space or medevil, yes we have done tht, we can work with that! Our goal at your wedding is to create fun memories. Creativity is highly important!


Excellent for Everyone at your Wedding


Everyone at your reception will absolutely love taking photos in your Photobooth. The younger generations with the older ones will have the time of their lives in our Photobooths. Loved by all ages!

And if you think about it, your wedding is when the people closest to you are all in the same room. This gives you the most perfect opportunity to get as many super high quality photos taken as you can in the time we are there.


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